1. Definitions

The following terms shall have the meanings given below. Capitalized terms used herein but not specifically defined herein shall have the meanings attributed to such terms in the Agreement.
“Defect Category” means the categorization of a Defect as a Critical, Minor Level or Question Level Defect.

“Initial Response” means a response provided by the support personnel of PROFTIT that does not necessarily include a workaround or a solution of the Defect.
“Question Level Defect” means Request which has no effect at all on the Software’s and Services’ functions.

“Minor Level Defect” means minor service-affecting incidents having a partial effect on the Software’s and Services’ functions; any Defect which is not a Critical Defect, or a Question Level Defect will be considered as Minor Level Defect.

“Critical Defect” means the Software and Services are non-functional or a major portion of the Software and Services is essentially unusable.
“SLA” means this Service Level Agreement.
“Technical Support Services” means the services to be provided under this SLA.
“Workaround” means actions and procedures, which circumvent or overcome the impact of the Defect. Workarounds may not provide a final and full solution to the Defect.
“Company” refers to a legal entity that is involved in the agreement with PROFTIT LTD.

  1. Supply of Technical Support Services

    2.1. During the term of the Agreement, PROFTIT hereby undertakes to supply the Technical Support Services to the Company, in compliance with all provisions of the Agreement and with applicable professional and industry standards, to maintain the Software and Services operational and to enable the Company to use the software throughout the term of the Agreement.

    2.2. PROFTIT will appoint a Technical Support Representative (“TSR”), who shall have the following roles and responsibilities:

– Act as the single point of contact for all issues concerning Technical Support Services.
– Be responsible for providing status reports of open service tickets and for following up on open issues.
– In case the TSR cannot provide the required information or assistance he will make sure some other
relevant person from PROFTIT will provide as such.

2.3. PROFTIT will operate a helpdesk, which will receive all Defect reports and service calls. The helpdesk will be available 9 hours a day, 5 days a week. The helpdesk may be contacted by chat within the software or by e-mail, as follows:

1st tier contact: office hours Sunday to Friday [9 A.M.] – [9 P.M.]
Software Internal Chat
Email address: Support@proftit.com

2nd tier contact: outside the office hours set out above.
During the customer onboarding process, TSR shall provide personal contact information
Email address: Support@proftit.com

  1. Technical Support Services Free of Charge
    3.1. The Technical Support Services to be provided under this SLA shall be provided to the Company free of charge and free of any other costs and expenses, and PROFTIT shall not be entitled to reimbursement of such expenses.

    3.2. Notwithstanding section 3.1., in the unlikely event that an onsite visit is required to resolve the issue, PROFTIT reserves the right to charge the Company.
  2. Invoking Technical Support Services

    4.1. Upon detection of any Defect in the Software, the Company shall contact PROFTIT’s help-desk by Software chat, e-mail, or any other agreed communication format notified in advance, using the contact details set out in Section 2.3 above.

    4.2. The Company shall provide the help-desk with a report of the Defect, including their assessment of whether it is a Critical Level or Minor Level Defect and any additional information available to the Company and requested by the specialist on call, including, without limitation, the circumstances in which the Defect arose, the time the Company became aware of it, the nature of the Defect and the service request, as well as contact details of a contact person within the Company. The Company shall continue to provide information to the helpdesk about the Defect where it becomes aware of such information or where the helpdesk requires such information (at the stage of reporting the Defect or at any other later date).

    4.3. Upon receipt of such report, the specialist of PROFTIT on call shall:

    a) Log the Defect to a dedicated system, to which all Defects are to be logged. The log will include all relevant information, such as the identity of the person reporting the Defect, the Defect Category, the time the Defect occurred and the time the Defect is opened in PROFTIT’s system. All actions taken and decisions made with regards to the handling of a Defect shall be logged, including the time the action or decision is made. The status of each Defect and the way it is being handled shall be viewable by the Company through a web interface. For the avoidance of doubt, the classification of the Defect Category is determined by PROFTIT.

b) Assign to the report one of the Defect Categories.

c) Continuously monitor the status of the report and send daily status reports to the Company for all outstanding Defects.

  1. Defect Solution

    5.1. The following Workaround and resolution times shall apply:
Defect CategoryInitial ResponseWorkaroundFinal solution
Critical30 MinutesConstant work until a Workaround is available21 business days in total
Minor Level1 business dayConstant work until a Workaround is available21 business days in total
Question Level1 business day10 Business Days35 Business Days