Analyze all leads according to your brand’s needs


Optimize the way your leads are handled to achieve the highest value per client


Create a faster, more accurate and goal-oriented business


Lead quality drives increased conversion

Trader’s Insights

Enhance the quality of communication by giving your sales agents all the information they need about a client


Receive the current time, news events and weather conditions, based on the trader’s location


Verify clients and meet regulatory requirements


View the trader’s behavior, most traded assets, history and overall performance

Trading Activity

Real time notifications providing key trading insights such as trading PNL, margin levels, etc

Trading History

Track and view a trader’s activity without accessing the MT4 Manager

Customizable Dashboard

Build your own dashboard with the tools, filters and reports you need

Smart Lead Splitting

Automatically assign leads or existing clients to the optimal agents


A verity of advanced marketing tools

Inbound Marketing

A wide range of marketing tools for higher quality leads

Circle Tracking

Tracking of internal and external campaigns from pixel tracking to post-back and more

End-to-End Management

Increase your ROI by accurate and effective messaging and by a deep understanding of your marketing funnels

Flexible Signup Widgets

The PROFTIT sign-up widget gives you the ability to create sign-up forms for your website

Better Email Marketing

A rich set of email tools to push your message out


Manage your entire organization under one platform


Multiple brands and trading platforms

Call Centers

Diverse call centers, sales and retention teams


Many accounts for a single trader


Comprehensive marketing and campaign management

Payment Clearing Management

Take control of cascading, priorities and more for each geographical location

Smart Permissions

Gain complete control over access permissions to your data


Advanced, powerful and user-friendly reports

Customization of Reports on all Activities

User-friendly “pivot style” reporting saves you time and provides you with the relevant information and stats for better decisions

Advanced Graphs and Charts

Helping you visualize your data and extract value simply

Scheduled Reports and Notifications

Scheduled custom reports delivered directly to yours and your team's inbox