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Trading Cores

Trading Cores is a world class trading platfrom that is becoming more and more popular and is fully supported and integrated with PROFTIT. Trading Cores can be managed from end to end through the PROFTIT console and provides a truly comprehensive brokerage solution.


With a range of tried and proven 3rd party plugins, MT4 can be fully integrated with PROFTIT. Now, your staff can track, monitor and manage various trader activities directly from the PROFTIT console.


Our comprehensive RESTful API allows for the integration of all the tools and applications that your team need. Now, with a single easy to use console, staff can access and manage every area of the business better, faster and more efficiently. The Proftit RESTful API extends the power of PROFTIT by letting you integrate your existing applications with ease, securely and seamlessly.

Say goodbye to endless bespoke and standalone applications and bring all your business applications into a single unified console with PROFTIT for greater productivity and efficiency. The options with PROFTIT are nearly limitless!

Affiliates & IBs

PROFTIT boasts a comprehensive affiliate and IB management module that has all the tools and features to manage your partner program with ease. From click to conversion and beyond, every action is tracked in real time and accurately. Partners can track their performance 24/7 and the detailed reporting and analytics provide deep insights into their referred traffic. Plus, for those partners who require even more functionality, they can integrate via the easy to use API that supports postback and client pixels.

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