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Your Hidden Strength

The Business Management Solution for FX Brokers
The best results, require the best tools for the job, take control of your business today.


Comprehensive Management System

  • Operate multiple trading platforms under one brand through a single interface.
  • Manage, maintain and optimize many brands and platforms with ease.
  • Integrate and run various call centers with a single CRM.
  • Track individual traders across all brands.
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Call Centers
Integrate all your platforms, unify your management
and focus on the revenue generating tasks that matter most.
Finding the next customer to contact, done for you!
Fast, Automated, Efficient
Contact Time

Present Time



Achievements Center

Drive sales and boost customer retention with trackable goals and bonuses for your reps.

  • Create achievable goals that could be reported in real-time.
  • Empower your sales team with the information they need to deliver and achieve more. Tracking the sales funnel, has never been simpler.
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Convert more leads by using PROFTIT
automatic smart splitter

Know your clients!

Know your customers, not only their portfolios.

  • Know who to call and when by using our “Auto Priority” system
  • Have all client information accessible to you with one mouse click.
  • Make better business decisions with accurate real-time data.
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Be Efficient!
Acquire, Convert and Retain Better than Ever Before.
Life Time Value

Present Value


Seamless Integration with Leading Trading Platforms,
Clearing Companies. VOIP, Affiliate and Marketing Solutions.

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