LP CRM for Brokerage


The industry-leading CRM solution that provides
brokerages with tools to manage, analyze,
optimize and automate a brokerage.
This is how you become a profitable stockbroker!


Proftit is the ultimate CRM for Financial Services

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Manage and control the entire business from end to end including,
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  • Multi Brand Operation
  • Multiple Trading Accounts
  • Seamless Integration to MT4
  • A Wide Range of Marketing Tools
  • Integrated Payment Solutions
  • Smart Lead Allocation

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All the Trading Cores trading platforms integrate seamlessly to create a comprehensive
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Proftit offers a dedicated CRM for the forex industry.
Our software solution helps Broker's plan their business and call center.
Proftit CRM is the best and most professional back office for the Brokerage operators.
The system integrates easily to MT4.