Posted on August 19, 2021 By hr_proftit

Fullstack Developer

PROFTIT, an international company provides the unique management software for the Finance industry, enables businesses to create extraordinary customer relationships with the most innovative, flexible, and affordable CRM solution in the market. We’re located in Ramat Gan (Elaid Tower) We’re looking for a Full stack Developer (AngularJS, React, Python & PHP) with a deep understanding of reactive programming, functional based programming, and JavaScript, who’s experienced in Web DOM intricacies and has experience and  knowledge in backend development, such as writing OOP clean and robust code, Databases (SQL & NOSQL), microservices, scalability, real time data streaming, problems solving and performance improvement.


Your Role

  • Develop new features in an existing JavaScript CRM application, Based on rxjs and component programming.
  • Refactor and contribute to the ongoing framework upgrade.
  • Learn new technologies and patterns and contribute your knowledge to improve the application
  • Developing new AngularJS application features. Building unit tests along with the code.
  • Refactoring screens to clean components and refactoring logic to separate utilities functions packages.
  • Working with git and pull requests for development flow Agile development cycles that include short daily-meetings and sprints of several weeks which include QA deployment and fixing.
  • Working alongside the PM and QA and Backend, bringing your features as smooth as possible to completion.
  • Learning and investigating technologies and open-source projects that are used or will be used in the project.
  • Create and maintain comprehensive project documentation

Abilities and Qualities You Bring to The Team

  • 3+ years of experience in at least one of the following component frameworks: Front: AngularJS- Must.
  • Angular, React, Vue- advantage Back: PHP- Must.
  • Python, NodeJS- advantage
  • Deep and extensive understanding of component lifecycles, change detectio, mechanisms and different state keeping methods.
  • Experience in Reactive programming like RxJS, including different stream compositing and patterns – an advantage.
  • Deep understanding of ES6-8. Knowledge of Babel and JavaScript Polyfills.
  • Experience in webpack or other build tools (rollup, parcel).
  • Extensive knowledge (over 2 years) in programming without libraries or with jQuery – an advantage.
  • Experience in developing a project from scratch (self or work) for 1-2 years – an advantage.
  • Profound experience in developing PHP web applications based on Laravel (2-3 years)
  • Deep understanding what is object-oriented programming and how it should be used.
  • Experience using PHP to create and consume web services (REST)
  • Working with docker-compose above docker – advantage
  • Elastic Search – big advantage
  • Redis – advantage
  • Source control with Git – advantage

Our Stack

AngularJS, React, RxJS, Typescript, Lodash/FP, Lerna

PHP, Python, NodeJS, Elastic Search,

Webpack, Karma & Mocha, Git, Kubernetes and Docker, Laravel