Grow, Nurture and Harvest More


Empower your sales reps with detailed client information right at their fingertips.

GEO Info

Weather reports, local news, local time

Trader Activity

Active hours, how often do they log in, how long they stays online

Trader Insights

Is he a risk waiver or risk taker, what assets/platforms/products does he prefer?

Increase your sales by getting a 360 degree view of the people who matter most to your business.

Smart Splitter

Accelerate productivity and grow the revenues of your business with Proftit Smart Splitter.

With smart workflow, each onboarding lead gets assigned to the most suitable rep by taking into consideration all the most important indicators, such as; conversion rate, shift working hours, language and more.

Custom Prioritizing

Boost sales productivity with the most important sales data.

On average, over 30% of a sales rep’s time is spent searching for the right data, instead of selling. With PROFTIT the interminable search for the next potential sale or who should take the call ENDS now.

Custom Prioritizing

Notification Center

Your reps and managers will be notified in real time about upcoming calls, new assigned leads, new withdrawal requests etc.

Stay abreast of all new deals, track all associated activities as they happen and close more deals quicker than ever before.